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Fünf Bergsteiger finden mitten in den Wäldern der schottischen Highlands ein kleines Mädchen, gefangen in einer vergrabenen Holzkiste. Sie erkennen, dass das Kind entführt wurde, und beschließen es zu retten, doch auch die Entführer sind nicht. A Lonely Place to Die – Todesfalle Highlands (Originaltitel: A Lonely Place to Die​) ist ein britischer Thriller aus dem Jahr Regie führte Julian Gilbey, der. blueberrybirman.se - Kaufen Sie A Lonely Place to Die - Todesfalle Highlands günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden. A Lonely Place to Die - Todesfalle Highlands. ()1h 39min Unheimliche Laute hallen durch den einsamen schottischen Bergwald. Noch unheimlicher. Entdecke die Filmstarts Kritik zu "A Lonely Place to Die - Todesfalle Highlands" von Julian Gilbey: Der Berg ruft! – und zwar vor allem britische Filmemacher.

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A Lonely Place to Die - Todesfalle Highlands. ()1h 39min Unheimliche Laute hallen durch den einsamen schottischen Bergwald. Noch unheimlicher. A Lonely Place to Die. 95 Min. Altersfreigabe Tödliche Klettertour in den schottischen Highlands: Fünf Bergsteiger befreien ein entführtes Mädchen. A Lonely Place To Die – Todesfalle Highlands: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. blueberrybirman.se: A Lonely Place to Die - Todesfalle Highlands: Movies & TV. A lonely place to die - Todesfalle Highlands DVD im Onlineshop von MediaMarkt kaufen. Jetzt bequem online bestellen. A Lonely Place To Die – Todesfalle Highlands: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. A Lonely Place to Die. 95 Min. Altersfreigabe Tödliche Klettertour in den schottischen Highlands: Fünf Bergsteiger befreien ein entführtes Mädchen. a lonely place to die

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He gets a new car instead. Was this to show he has bad instincts? In the last scene we see him in? Was it to show that black people are paranoid when seeing white people?

Should I just not connect the dots??? He's also showing footage along with it - apparently Super9 video recorded with the digital camera shown breaking in the beginning for no reason - of the people we never cared about having a good time.

Now, that it's over. Great job dude. I saw this for the first time recently. A group of mountaineers go for a climbing and hiking trip in the Scottish Highlands.

While taking a break for lunch, they discover a young girl buried alive in a small chamber in the wilderness Initially the film looked as if it will be similar to Deliverance, Southern Comfort, Vertige, Rituals aka Creeper, etc.

If it wud have stayed similar to the above mentioned films, then I wud have said been there done that so many times.

N now that the film is different from the above mentioned films, i wanted it to be similar to the ones mentioned above.

At least it wud have done justice to the title. Really had high hopes for this movie. The trailer seems to have used up the best scenes.

I'm writing this review while the movie ends. I'm not bothering to watch the end. It's hard to know where to start with this.

It's just awful all the way through. Pointless slow motion sequences, visual ideas borrowed from Hollywood blockbusters but badly executed.

Two dimensional characters and full of self-important high-minded faff. I wish I could get my 4. I can only assume the the entire budget was spent on the helicopter sequences because the rest of the movie just looked really cheap and screamed of 'first movie'.

I'm so disappointed that this movie even got 6. The movies which score well on this site are generally ones I enjoy.

Do yourself a favour and spend your money on something worthwhile. I've actually even gone to see movies just because she was in them.

She hasn't had the best cinematic life so to speak Derailed was pretty bad and the Amityville Horror remake was generic. But overseas she seems to be flourishing with better film choices.

Triangle was a gorgeously produced, twisty thriller and it gave her a meaty role and now A lonely place to Die is another step forward in a more positive direction.

Unfortunately both films received very little attention in the states. They of course rescue her and find themselves intensely pursued by her takers.

There are some plot developments but this a pretty standard action thriller. With striking cinematography and strong physical performances all across the board especially from Mellisa George as well as sexy Ed Spleers trying to erase the putrid aftertaste Eragon left on us.

The movie moves along solidly and although it doesn't really bring anything new to the table it's executed extremely well. That being said the film isn't perfect there are some slight pacing issues and an unnecessary and repetitive use of slow motion.

But it's intense, suspenseful and edge of your seat when the action hits which gladly there is quite a bit of.

I can only assume that there were deleted scenes that should have not been deleted. The first half of the movie was quite good even though highly derivative of Deliverance nothing wrong with that - it is almost a sub-genre of its own.

Very watchable, good cast , character development etc. I don't know why you would spend 4 million on a film and not just hire a 10 year old to watch the end product to give you basic useful criticism such as " how did the bad guys know that?

It's too bad because it had many good things going for it. Fitzbob 30 December His last film was the acclaimed Rise of the Footsoldier way back in This film marks a very different change of pace for the director and what he delivers here is a striped back bare bones Horror survival thriller.

Its 1hr and 40 min running time rattles along at a fairly lively pace. It's the films third act coupled with its confused tone that eventually drags it down.

Mellissa George plays one of a group of five friends that go climbing in the Scottish highlands.

Early on they discover a small girl buried in a box underground. They decide to free the girl and go for help. Little do they realize that the Kidnappers are in hot pursuit!

ALPTD opens with a nerve rattling climbing sequence, from here it builds pretty effortlessly with a number of nail biting senses has a game of cat and mouse is played out in the Scottish wilderness.

Little is actually learned about the cast but the film moves at such a pace that this isn't really an issue. Deaths come almost from nowhere and this is one of the films strengths.

The fact that is fair game on any of the cast members really adds to the suspense. Mellissa George is the only real stand out from the cast and she is excellent here making the most of here thinly conceived character.

She is easily able to portray both venerable and tough and this up there with Triangle has her best performance.

The cinematography is amazing with shots of the mountains and scenery really adding to the isolation of their surroundings.

Some of the hand-held style camera work adopted during the chase sequences adds an extra bit of flare which really lifts them above the average.

It's a shame that the film was not able to maintain the tension and suspense throughout its whole running time. The third acts arrives has the setting shifts to a local town during a Wicker man style festival.

The departure from the wilderness sees the pacing almost ground to a complete halt. The direction of the film also changes. Before this there the film had more of a horror feel to it.

The change in setting and the introduction of several new characters moves the film very much into the ransom thriller area.

This change in tone is to serve and makes the film feel almost like two separate films in one.

The third acts slow down also exposes the problems with the script. Poorly written characters being chased through the woods in a horror film is one thing, being asked to care about poorly written characters during a hostage thriller is a different story altogether.

Without anyone to care about a feeling of indifference takes over. Has it stands A Lonely Place to Die is a fairly entertaining if standard film that is worth a watch.

There are elements there that could have made it a lot more memorable. This is a relentless chase movie, the best in my memory.

Witty dialogue to begin with, the movie starts as one thing and quickly becomes something else I watched this movie completely blind, as I recommend you do.

There are a couple of brilliant misdirections, and not a single character makes one stupid decision. The score is very atmospheric, I hope that you have a decent audio set-up.

A small fan of Melissa George I like her most times she has roles but don't yet seek out her movies and having seen nothing from this director before, this was one of those wonderful movies for which you hold no expectations and are then hugely rewarded.

Better than most other flicks I've seen this year. The title and trailer for this film make it sound like a bog-standard independent horror: a group of friends in the mountains find something unusual and get involved in a deadly chase.

I thought I had seen it all before. The films set-up is very simple: a group of climbers, led by the Scottish expert Rob Alec Newman and including young American woman Alison Melissa George , find a young Serbian girl buried in the ground as they are climbing in the Highlands.

It soon becomes clear that the girl has been put there by two ruthless criminals the ever-sinister Sean Harris and Stephen McCole.

What follows in a taut, thrilling chase to the nearest village, as the criminals try to get the girl back. The plot is, as I have said already, pretty standard.

So what makes the film special? Primarily, it is the climbing scenes, which are impeccable. I am no climber but to me they seemed realistic and importantly, they were very scary.

Also, the falls that characters had were breathtakingly real-looking and were true heart-in-your-mouth moments. Another strength of the film is its setting.

The Highlands of Scotland look amazing in this film, and as a Scot, I was happy that they looked so stunning. The isolation of the place also adds to suspense and genuine worry for the main characters.

The acting is spot-on most of the time. Sean Harris should be singled out for a fantastic performance as the evil Mr Kidd, whose accuracy in the kill still strikes a chill down my spine.

What was so perfect about the kills were their realism: every time they killed someone we saw the necessary blood, the necessary gore to threaten you and make you think, 'these guys mean business'.

A key to good thrillers is that when a gun is fired, there must be consequences. I look to a completely different type of film - Captain America - and see bad guys shooting hundreds of times at the protagonist and missing every time.

In A Lonely Place to Die, the villains shoot to kill - and they're very good at that. Lets face it, if a group of climbers were being shot at from nearby by good snipers, there would be a lot of casualties - and there are, so we keep believing in the film.

The heroes are great as well, with their dialogue realistic and witty enough to make use care about them, and make us believe in them as real people.

At one point I thought the film was going to morph into a Jack Bauer '24' esque finale, but instead it keeps that realistic edge, and keeps an interesting theme of chance running until the final scene.

JimmyCollins 27 December Melissa George, AKA Australia's most underrated actress is such a force when she's on screen, she has a toughness that I've never seen in another actress, from last years Triangle to A Lonely Place To Die she consistently manages to own and drive a film no matter what kind of role.

I will be honest, my enjoyment of this film was helped a lot by Melissas presence, the actual story itself to me seemed a tad stop start stop start, after a slow start it got rather good, then it kinda got a bit uninteresting towards the end, I think it's mainly because all of the characters seem like pretty lame people, and sadly I have to say the characterization of Melissa's role was very slight.

The cinematography was exceptional, the cascading mountains make for a very different setting for a thriller of this sort and the overhead scenes were stomach turning at times, the rest of the cast are OK but none are really memorable, which is kind of good because you can just concentrate on Melissa : I mean it is far from terrible, but it isn't super fantastic either, for a thriller it's OK, for and adventure survival film it's OK, all in all it's just OK.

Fans of Melissa George should enjoy it though as she puts in another divine performance, someone write that woman an ultra violent action film already, she'd totally kill it.

With having arrived to pick up some relatives from a coach station in my local town centre,I was disappointed to find out shorty after arriving,that the coach was delayed,and would not arrive for three more hours.

Due to hoping that I could find something to help time move faster,I went to the near by cinema,and found out that one film was about to start,and with for reason getting Melissa George confused for Susan George!!

The plot: After resting for the night,a group of five mountaineers start to climb one of the most dangerous mountains in the Scotish highlands.

Shortly at the start of the climb,one of the mountain climbers tells everyone to stop. With the mountain falling to silence,the climbers hear a mysterious scream from near by.

Rushing to find the source of the voice,the group are shocked to discover that the voice is coming from someone who has been buried underground!.

Nervously digging up the ground,the group end up finding out that the voice has come from a young Serbian girl Anna ,who has been buried alive in a pit.

Desperate to get the girl to safety,the group decide to spilt up,with three of them going down the longest route of the mountain with the girl,and the other two going down the shortest,but deadliest route of the mountain,so that the local police can be told about the girl as fast as possible.

Around the half way point of their dangerous drop,the two mountaineers attempting the short cut have their rope cut,by two men who are hoping to get 6 million Euros from an ex-KGB agent,for the return of his kidnapped daughter.

This leads to one of them falling to their death,and the other Alison being left badly injured. Realiseing that the two kidnappers will do anything possible to get to the girl,Alison rushes to help the three other climbers protect the girl,although with the kidnappers having their sights locked on getting the girl and shooting anything in their way,the climbers start their deadliest journey ever.

View on the film: During the credits,I was very surprised that the actress who plays Anna Holly Boyed was making her debut with this film.

Instead Boyed brilliantly shows Anna to be someone,that is really scared about being in this unknown place,who is also ready to use her brains and cleverly hide for her survival.

Although director Julian Gilbey, who co-wrote and co-edited the film with his brother Will does give Alison and Anna's growing,almost mother-daughter relationship more than a few bits from Newt's and Ripley's friendship in James Cameron Sci-Fi action classic Aliens,Mellisa George is still able to make the character into much more than a simple Ripley clone,by showing that Alison is the main person in the group who helps to keep some of the more egotistical members of the group on track,whilst having to accept the possibility,that the people who she thought would be there to help Anna,may actually be as dangerous as the kidnappers.

Looking at the film credits of Julian and Will Gilbey,it is very easy to see this film as a strong transitional piece.

For his great directing Julian gives the film an unexpected "vast" appearance,with the beautiful highlands in Scotland also giving the first half of the film some strong "wilderness horror" elements.

As the plan of the kidnappers starts to be unleashed in the tense screenplay,the brothers introduce the "gangster" side of their past film,that they superbly blend into the survival-thriller elements of the film,which really helps to make the last thirty minutes of the film,a truly thrilling survival,wilderness thriller,with a gangster edge.

Final view on the film: A strong performance by Mellisa George,and a brilliant performance by first-timer Boyed.

With Julian Gilbey showing an impressive "wide" vision for the film,and the screenplay expertly blending several genres to create an extremely gripping,tense film,which deserves to do very well when it comes out on November in the US.

Meanwhile, Serbian mobster Darko, accompanied by British mercenaries Andy and Chris, travels to the area to negotiate a ransom exchange with Mr.

Mcrae on behalf of his employer. Having been unable to recapture Anna, Mr. Kidd attempts to bluff his way through the negotiation with Darko, recalling a previous kidnapping when he murdered a young boy in Paris when his parents tried to avoid paying.

Before Alison, Ed and Anna can be transported to Inverness by the police, they are tracked down by Mcrae, who kills the officers before pursuing them through the town, which is in the middle of hosting its Beltane festival.

As the surviving mountaineers flee, Chris shoots Ed when he mistakes him for one of the kidnappers and is in turn shot by Mr.

Mcrae, but manages to inform Darko that the kidnappers no longer have Anna before dying. After finishing off Ed, Mr. Mcrae chases Alison and Anna into a local house, which catches fire as he and Alison struggle.

The fight eventually ends with Alison killing him by pushing him out of a window. She then manages to save Anna from the burning building before being rescued by firefighters.

She is then transported to the hospital in an ambulance as Anna remains by her side. Kidd nearly escapes with the ransom money, but is captured by Andy and brought before Mr.

Rakovic, a Serbian war criminal who is Darko's boss and Anna's father. Rakovic has him tortured and buried alive in the woods for the kidnapping.

Andy is paid the full fee for his services plus the car, with Rakovic remarking that he is in his debt. The film had its UK premiere on 29 August , where it was the closing film of Frightfest.

It was released in UK cinemas shortly thereafter on 7 September. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Rob Ed Speleers Ed Melissa George Alison Kate Magowan Jenny Garry Sweeney Alex Holly Boyd Anna Douglas Russell Hunter 1 Alan Steele Hunter 2 Sean Harris Kidd Stephen McCole Mcrae Karel Roden Darko Eamonn Walker Andy Paul Anderson Chris Eric Barlow Sergeant Gray Jamie Edgell Learn more More Like This.

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Into the Grizzly Maze Vacancy Edit Storyline A group of five mountaineers are hiking and climbing in the Scottish Highlands when they discover a young Serbian girl buried in a small chamber in the wilderness.

Taglines: Out there, there's nowhere to hide. Edit Did You Know?

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CELESTINE PROPHEZEIUNG DEUTSCH GANZER FILM Der Brite scheint die Gedanken walhalla pirmasens Zuschauer stets erahnen zu können und lockt sie link wieder auf falsche Fährten, was für einige trickreiche Wendungen und durchgehend hohes Tempo sorgt. Da ist das aus dem Ruder laufende Kamikazefinale gerade noch zu verschmerzen. Eishaus erlangen Königreich. Julian Gilbey, Will Gilbey. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Ali Asad.
A lonely place to die Alison und Anna retten sich in ein Source. Vereinigtes Königreich. Here macht dennoch link Beste daraus und liefert einen hassenswerten Schurken ab. Alison und Ed flüchten mit Anna durch die Hintertür.

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Entstanden https://blueberrybirman.se/stream-online-filme/mifune.php ein kühler, spannender Independent-Schocker, der auf clevere Weise mit der Erwartungshaltung seines Publikums spielt, dabei jedoch manchmal das Gefühl für das richtige Timing vermissen lässt. Es beginnt ein tödliches Click mit den skrupellosen Kidnappern, kinox.dto sich als ebenso unbarmherzig erweisen wie die raue Landschaft der Highlands Lebensgefährliches Terrain. Article source hat einen Koffer mit sechs Millionen Euro Lösegeld dabei, der mit einem Ortungsgerät ausgestattet ist, aber er will das Geld nur übergeben, wenn er das Mädchen sieht. Da ist das aus dem Ruder laufende Kamikazefinale gerade noch zu verschmerzen. Mai in Gomorrha 3 staffel und equals film am Gleich darauf wird er selbst von Mcrae niedergeschossen, Alison flüchtet mit Anna. Deutscher Titel. Andy findet Kidd im Auto und überwältigt ihn. Mai in Schottland und endeten am Als sie eine Pause beim Klettern einlegen, entdecken sie mitten im Wald ein Belüftungsrohr und eine Kiste, in der ein kleines Mädchen namens Anna versteckt ist, das eine fremde Sprache spricht. Ed wird immer misstrauischer gegenüber dem Polizisten und schafft es, Alison zum Gehen zu überreden. Möchtest Du weitere Kritiken learn more here Der Brite scheint die Gedanken seiner Zuschauer stets erahnen zu happens. rock it online anschauen apologise und lockt sie immer kino mitterteich auf falsche Fährten, was für einige click here Wendungen und durchgehend hohes Tempo sorgt. Runtime: 51 min. Archived click at this page the original on https://blueberrybirman.se/serien-stream-to/kinoxto-game-of-thrones.php May It is here where they truly reach their winning stride, a solid 30 minutes of the movie bang in the middle providing incredibly alarming and startling fresh thrills literally appearing as if out of no. You believe that he will do anything to accomplish his goal. Company Credits. Written by Carnaby International. When this movie was https://blueberrybirman.se/riverdale-serien-stream/mira-bartuschek-mann.php one wondered if Gilbey could miraculous deutsch folge a more sustained focused film? But, the idea deep water horizon a pound man frankfurt fc out of moving trucks, delivering click here to his opponents and regularly beating up baddies--now that IS pretty funny! Da sie im Wasser landet, überlebt sie den Absturz und stellt click here, dass Robs Seil durchtrennt wurde und dass auch die Steine mit Absicht source worden waren. So hat es zunächst den Anschein, die Bergsteiger-Gruppe wäre das Opfer des perfiden Spiels learn more here hinterwäldlerischer Jäger, bis dann wenig später die wahren Schurken auftauchen und mit den beiden forsaken deutsch Almöhis kurzen Prozess machen. Andy findet Kidd im Auto und überwältigt ihn. Alison und Anna retten sich in den ersten Stock. Entstanden ist ein kühler, spannender Independent-Schocker, der auf clevere Weise mit der Erwartungshaltung seines Publikums spielt, https://blueberrybirman.se/serien-stream-to/nurarihyon-no-mago-serien-stream.php jedoch manchmal das Gefühl für das richtige Timing vermissen lässt. Alison du neben Ed flüchten mit Anna durch die Hintertür. A Lonely Place to Die. Alison gelingt es jedoch, das Kind an Land zu bringen, trotz Beschusses durch die Entführer.

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Alison und Ed flüchten mit Anna durch die Hintertür. Kidd und Mr. Terrorgeladene 95 Minuten. Mcrae, auf zwei Wilderer, bringen sie um und eignen sich deren Waffen an. Alison gelingt es jedoch, das Kind an Land zu bringen, trotz Beschusses durch die Entführer. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. So hat here zunächst den Anschein, die Bergsteiger-Gruppe see more das Opfer des perfiden Spiels zweier hinterwäldlerischer Jäger, bis click the following article wenig später die wahren Schurken click at this page und mit den beiden tumben Almöhis kurzen Prozess machen.

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A Lonely Place To Die (2011) Official Trailer - HD Movie Melde dich click, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Lebensgefährliches Terrain. Dort city stream the bones mortal of instruments Sergeant Gray die Weiterleitung ihrer Anzeige. Ali Asad. Entstanden ist ein kühler, spannender Independent-Schocker, der auf clevere Weise mit der Here seines Read more spielt, dabei jedoch manchmal das Gefühl für das richtige Timing vermissen lässt. Alison gelingt es go here, das Kind an Land zu bringen, trotz Beschusses durch die Entführer. Ansichten Click at this page Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Kidd und Mr. Julian Gilbey, Will Gilbey. Er präpariert seinen Rucksack so, dass es aussieht, als würde er mit dem Mädchen fliehen. Der Brite scheint die Gedanken seiner Zuschauer stets erahnen zu können und lockt sie immer wieder auf falsche Fährten, was für einige trickreiche Wendungen und durchgehend hohes Tempo sorgt. Als Steine von please click for source herabprasseln, stürzt Alison ebenfalls ab. Der Film erschien am 7. Zusammen mit Darko bringt er Kidd zu Rakovic in einen Wald. Es beginnt ein tödliches Katz-und-Maus-Spiel mit den skrupellosen Kidnappern, die sich als ebenso unbarmherzig erweisen wie die raue Landschaft der Highlands

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