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Saw IV - Sterben war gestern (). Vierter Teil der äußerst erfolgreichen Horrorfilmreihe “Saw”: Jigsaw und seine Gehilfin Amanda sind tot, aber seine. Saw IV stream film deutsch ✅: Jigsaw und seine Gehilfin Amanda sind tot, aber das mörderische Treiben geht weiter. Nach dem Tod an Detective Kerry helfen. Saw IV jetzt legal streamen. Hier findest du einen Überblick aller Anbieter, bei denen du Saw IV online schauen kannst. Gibt es Saw IV auf Netflix, Amazon, Sky Ticket, iTunes oder Maxdome und co legal? Jetzt online Stream finden! Mögen Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) und seine Gehilfin Amanda auch tot sein, das Morden geht weiter: Als Detective Kerry (Dina Meyer) umgebracht.

saw 4 streamcloud

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While Rigg leaves the scene to find his second test, Strahm and Perez are called to his apartment. As they enter it along with a SWAT team, they find Brenda's corpse, as well as several photos on the wall.

While most of them show the victims of Rigg's game, including Eric, Hoffman and Brenda, some of them show a woman named Jill Tuck , the ex-wife of John Kramer.

Therefore, she is taken to the police station for interrogation. Meanwhile, Rigg arrives at the Alexander Motel to face his second test.

In one of the rooms, he finds another audio message, which tells him to abduct the motel proprietor, Ivan Landsness , who is a violent serial rapist but has repeatedly escaped justice.

Angered by seeing videos and photos of Ivan's crimes, Rigg forces him into a prearranged trap. Ivan has to choose to either gouge his eyes out within 60 seconds or to being dismembered by the trap.

As he can only bring himself to sacrifice one of his eyes, his limbs are ripped off his body. Rigg leaves the motel after finding the next clue, which leads him to an elementary school , where Rigg had once attacked a man named Rex , whom he suspected of physically abusing his wife, Morgan , and his daughter, Jane.

Hoffman had intervened and staved off a criminal charge against Rigg. As he arrives at the school, he finds Morgan and Rex in one of the classrooms, impaled back to back by several metal spikes.

At the time Rigg finds them, Rex has already succumbed to his wounds as the spikes had pierced his major arteries, while only inflicting non-lethal wounds on Morgan.

Prior to Rigg's arrival, Morgan had been given the choice to die of bloodloss or to remove the spikes, which eventually resulted in her husband's death.

Upon investigating the classroom, Rigg finds a clue to Eric Matthews' and Mark Hoffman's location, along with a message, which tells him to go home.

Therefore, Rigg sets off the fire alert to make sure that Morgan was found, while he left the school to go to the location of his final test.

Shortly afterwards, the police, as well as Strahm and Perez, arrive at the school in time to save Morgan. They find out, that Brenda, Ivan and Rex had all committed various crimes, but were successfully defended by the same lawyer, Art Blank, who is also the lawyer of Jill Tuck.

As they further investigate the school, they find a mechanical ventriloquist puppet , commonly used by Jigsaw to communicate with his victims, in the principal's office.

Another audio tape tells Perez that her partner "will soon take the life of an innocent man" and warns her that her "next move is critical.

A few seconds later, the puppet's face suddenly explodes, severely injuring her face and neck with shrapnel.

As she is taken to the hospital , she gives Strahm the key sent to them by Detective Kerry. Furious, Strahm returns to the police station, where he angrily interrogates Jill.

Pressured by him, she finally tells him about her and John's past. When they were still married, Jill was pregnant with a boy, who was going to be called Gideon.

However, she lost the child due to a miscarriage when Cecil Adams , one of her patients at her recovery clinic for drug addicts, attempted to rob her.

Following this tragedy, John grew apart from Jill, resulting in their divorce. When he received his cancer diagnosis shortly afterwards and survived a subsequent attempted suicide, John decided to spend his last remaining days on testing other people's will to survive in order to make them appreciate their lives.

His first test subject was Cecil, whom he abducted and strapped to a chair , which slowly cut his wrists.

To escape the trap, Cecil had to press his face into several knives. As he did, the chair suddenly collapsed. As he attempted to attack John, the latter evaded his assault, causing Cecil to fall into a cage filled with barbed wire, where he ultimately died.

Upon listening to Jill's story, Strahm realizes that her son, Gideon, had the same name as John's first building as a civil engineer, the Gideon Meatpacking Plant , and concludes that this was the place of Rigg's final test.

Meanwhile, Rigg has arrived at the abandoned plant and finally reaches the room, where Eric and Hoffman are trapped along with Art Blank.

Eric stands on a melting ice block and is held in position by a chain-noose around his neck, while Hoffman is strapped to an electric chair.

Both are standing at the opposite ends of a large seesaw. If Eric jumps off the ice block or too much of it melts, the water will flow to Hoffman's side and cause the chair to electrocute him.

Art Blank, who has one of Jigsaw's devices strapped to his back, is forced to oversee the game until the minute-timer for Rigg's game expires.

Afterwards, he can press a button and release all three of them. However, if the door of the room is opened before the time runs out, Eric's head will be crushed by two large ice blocks.

As they see Rigg through the door's window, Eric frantically tells him not to open the door. To prevent him from entering, he shoots him with a gun given to him by Art earlier.

Even though he is shot in the chest, Rigg breaks through the door nonetheless and witnesses Eric's death. Believing that Art is responsible for the game, he aims his own gun at him and shoots him in the head when Art reaches for his bag, believing that he is grabbing a weapon.

The weapon, however, turns out to be a tape recorder with a final message for Rigg. The tape tells him that he had failed his test as it wasn't his task to save Eric but rather to let him save himself.

Just as Rigg realizes his mistake, Hoffman frees himself from the electric chair and reveals himself to be Jigsaw's accomplice.

He ends the game with the words " Game Over " and leaves the room, while Rigg lies on the floor and succumbs to his gunshot wound.

Only moments after Rigg, Strahm had also reached the building. During his search for Rigg, he discovers another room instead and opens it with the key given to him by Perez.

Jigsaw kehrt zurück und die spannende Frage ist, wer verbirgt sich diesmal hinter der Maske oder ist John Kramer doch gar nicht tot?

Saw: Timeline - Was bisher geschah im Überblick. Beide sind aber als ausführende Produzenten eigentlich an jedem Teil mehr oder weniger beteiligt gewesen.

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