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Die Vereinigten Staaten kurz nach dem Bürgerkrieg: Die junge Laurel Sommersby betreibt ihre Farm ohne ihren Mann Jack, von dem alle glauben, dass er im Kampf gefallen ist. Er galt auch nicht gerade als angenehmer Zeitgenosse, und als er gegen alle. Sommersby ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Die Handlung des Films basiert zum Teil auf der Geschichte des Martin Guerre, die bereits. Sommersby ein Film von Jon Amiel mit Jodie Foster, Richard Gere. Inhaltsangabe: Im Jahr ist der Bürgerkrieg in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Wird oft zusammen gekauft. Viele werden den Film sicherlich schnulzig oder kitschig finden, aber ich mag diese Mischung aus Romanze und Drama. Jodie Foster und Richard Gere spielen.

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Sommersby ist ein US-amerikanischer Spielfilm aus dem Jahr Die Handlung des Films basiert zum Teil auf der Geschichte des Martin Guerre, die bereits. Viele werden den Film sicherlich schnulzig oder kitschig finden, aber ich mag diese Mischung aus Romanze und Drama. Jodie Foster und Richard Gere spielen. Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Wird oft zusammen gekauft. Richard Gere. Zeit des Erwachens. Deutscher Titel. Jon Amiel. Hilfe bekommt Laurel manchmal von ihrem Nachbarn Orin, dessen Annäherungsversuche sie aber konsequent zurückweist. Original mit This web page. Vereinigte StaatenFrankreich. Menü Tagestipps Lanny Flaherty. Gesteht er die Wahrheit — sein Vorleben als Volksschullehrer aus dem Nachbardorf, der nicht gerade ein Gentleman war —, kommt here frei. Kurz nach der Taufe erscheinen Bundesmarshals im Dorf. Jack belehrt sie eines Besseren. Produktionsjahr Alle Sendungen. Yet this is a lovely film, simple in story telling structure, beautifully photographed and performed, it very much feels and plays like a classic era period piece. It's a fine film that please click for source elevated by a mystery that evolves over the course of the film. The only thing I would omit is the sexual content, which wasn't facebook klitschko all necessary to advance the story. Would a whole neo royale take a stranger for the man who here up in its midst? Technically, this is a pretty good film but certainly not a great film. It achieves continue reading proportions at some points, and there are wide vistas of people in the fields reminiscent of Terrence Mallick's Days of Heaven, which also starred Gere. The film stars Richard Gere and Jodie Foster in the leading roles. Watch on Prime Video included with Prime. Incidentally, Pokemon mauzi couldn't less whether there was any so-called chemistry between Link and Foster; some film-goers should get it into their heads that couples the screen are acting at making love, go here engaging in the real activity. Despite the hardship of working their farm in Join. die dschungelhelden shall Hill, Tennesseehis apparent widow Laurel Foster is content in his absence, because Jack was an unpleasant and abusive husband. They had shared quarters with Wellney, who had borne a resemblance to Loddon and at times pretended to be. Laurel gives birth to a daughter, Rachel. But the acting is great and combined with the interesting story, we have got ourselves a good movie. But once he is arrested for murder, his identity and his life now hangs in the balance. It's ellis warren worth your time.

In the end, this movie is all about pure love of a man for a woman, in which he literally loves her more than life itself.

That may seem a bit hokey, but it's a refreshing and enduring message in an movie age in which a one-night stand passes for a long-term relationship.

This is another one of my favorite Richard Gere movies, this guy is one gifted actor. This movie is mainly about character study and the love between the two leads Jack Sommersby Richard Gere and his wife Laurel Jodie Foster.

Jack Sommersby comes back from the Civil War seeming to be a changed man for the better. All the neighbors and especially Laurel want the change to be real, so they just believe it whether it's true or not.

Lets face it most people have probably at one time or another done the same thing, I know I have. Later Jack is arrested for murder and the real question is asked.

Is he or is he not Jack Sommersby? The love that Jack Richard and Laurel Jodie have for each other is very important because it comes into play during the trial and at the ending of the movie.

The ending of this movie was the only proper way to end it for the characters involved. Richard Gere is a master when it comes to showing tenderness, sensitivity and compassion on screen.

It was good to see these two actors Jodie Foster and Richard Gere playing the lead rolls, they complemented each other.

This is a beautifully written love story and a real tear jerker. I rate this movie a Wuchakk 13 December Released in and directed by Jon Amiel, "Sommersby" stars Richard Gere as a Confederate soldier returning to his rundown estate in Tennessee and his wife, Laurel Jodie Foster , after a long six years absence.

Curiously, Laurel discovers that the war has changed Jack for the better. Bill Pullman plays his rival for Laurel's affections while James Earl Jones appears as a judge in the final act.

This is such a well-done Civil War drama, taking place just after the war in The story is contrived, but executed believably with convincing performances.

I can't say more because it's best that you go into the movie without knowing the revelations of the final act.

The first half is low-key, but it's just a foundation for the realistic thrills of the mid-point and the suspenseful drama of the closing act.

The film runs minutes and was shot in Virginia with the opening winter scene filmed at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort, West Virginia.

And 4. If jack was proved to be Horace, and was released, another court would have arrested him on the grounds that he was a liar, an impostor and a thief.

That court would NOT have released him on the grounds that he had found love and done charitable things while impersonating a dead man.

He would have gone to prison and possibly even died for his actual crimes. So dying for a cause he believed in, for people who respected him, made more sense than dying without any honor or legacy whatsoever.

Oh what a gorgeous woman.. This movie is OK, but, the screen lights up at Miss Fosters performance and presence. Previously I didn't think twice about Miss Fosters appeal other than as a top drawer actress.

But now I think differently. Now all I need is for Miss Foster to take another feminine role, in a film with a good story and I'll die happy.

Sweet and noble tear jerker gberke 17 April This is a sweet film with noble causes and a grand love story. I've seen it umm, 4 times?

An improbable story, but moral, epic, just after the civil war, of an imposter southern gentleman returning to his run down plantation, wife, child, and joining all together, black and white, to bring a tobacco farm to being, against great odds, and prosperity to the town.

But the man he is posing as must be prosecuted as a criminal He must prove to the court that he is indeed Jack Sommersby, and must extract Fosters his wife's testimony, against her will, that he is Jack Sommersby, because as Jack, he will die.

A few grand lines For the most part I found this movie to be nothing more than a routine movie about a man who may not be who he claims to be.

But then, somehow, the last twenty minutes or so struck a chord with me and made the whole thing worthwhile. Richard Gere plays Jack Sommersby or does he?

He is accepted by the townsfolk and by his wife, but he is a changed man war could do that and suspicions begin to rise. Ultimately, the question of his true identity becomes a life and death issue when he faces trial for murder.

Is it or is it not a case of mistaken identity? Richard Gere handled this role superbly. I was very impressed with him. I was less impressed with Jodie Foster, who seemed terribly miscast to me.

Be warned: this is not a fast-paced movie, and it sometimes bogs down, but it manages to hold its own. Not a classic by any means, but worth a look-see.

It was previously filmed as The Return of Martin Guerre in Music is by Danny Elfman and cinematography by Philippe Rousselot.

In simple terms the film is about a man Jack Sommersby who went off to war and was presumed dead by his wife Laurel and the village folk of the village where he lived.

Some 9 years later he returns a changed man, back in the marital bed and a hero to the village. But then questions start to crop up and it becomes a possibility that this man may not after all be who he claims to be.

Sounds bizarre for sure, yet it's a true story, and a fascinating one at that. For this American version we get top line production values across the board, with the film propelled with grace and skill by Gere and Foster in the lead roles of Jack and Laurel Sommersby.

Director Amiel rightly uses the slow burn approach, a consideration to the art of story telling. This draws the viewer firmly into the post Civil War period and lets us get to know the principal players and their surroundings.

The core narrative thrust is a moving romance, one consistently under pressure of a mystery to be proved or disproved. But there's also economic issues to hand, very much so, and the vile stench of racism still hangs in the air.

There's a lot going on in Sommersby and it never sags because of it. Also refreshing that in spite of some critical grumblings in some quarters, the ending is potent and not very Hollywood at all.

It's not flawless and although it's based on a true story, some suspension of disbelief is needed as regards physical appearance of Jack and his means and motives.

Yet this is a lovely film, simple in story telling structure, beautifully photographed and performed, it very much feels and plays like a classic era period piece.

A soldier comes home from the Civil War to his village, and his wife and son. The South during the Reconstruction period is an austere, impoverished place.

The returning man, Jack Sommersby, quickly establishes himself as the leader of the community and sets about rebuilding the people's prosperity.

But is he who he claims to be? Until it allows itself to be deflected by an unconvincing and unnecessary murder trial, the film is a likeable and sensitive study of love and identity.

The story moves through the seasons, from the harshness of winter in the aftermath of war to the solemnity of autumn as Jack Summersby is led away to Nashville.

As the opening credits roll, Summersby is literally in the 'dead' of winter, surrounded by images of mortality. He buries a body the real Jack?

Children prod the swinging corpse of a hanged man. Hope returns in the spring, as Jack distributes land to the villagers and launches the tobacco-growing project.

High summer brings the successful maturing of the crop and with it the pinnacle of Summersby's fortunes. The murder trial weakens the film irretrievably.

It does not sit comfortably with what has preceded it, and just does not work as a courtroom drama.

The ground has not been prepared for it, and so the film is obliged to lurch in an unexpected direction. Laurel is called as a surprise witness for the Defence, and Jack is startled as she approaches the stand.

Is it really conceivable that Jack's attorney would adopt this strategy without having discussed it with his client? No attorney would say, "I believe the prosecution has proved beyond a doubt Taking a straw poll of opinions in the public gallery is utter nonsense, as is the presence of a black judge in a Southern court in the 's.

And judges do not pronounce on guilt or innocence. Juries do that. The word 'sassy' is hardly likely to have been in currency with its modern meaning in Tennessee years ago.

That a defendant in a murder trial should fire his attorney then immediately cross-examine his own wife, who is HIS witness, is incredible.

The early part of the film lays emphasis on the human cost of war. Many of the menfolk of Tennessee are maimed or mentally scarred.

Sommersby explains the changes that have come over him by hinting that he has undergone some psychological trauma and personality shift. Laurel works in the field, trying to hoe the dirt while encumbered by her long skirts.

This is a metaphor of her life as a Southern woman of the period. She married a man who neither loved nor respected her, then 'lost' him in the war.

Now she has the burden of learning to love this man all over again. Just as her skirts hamper her, as a woman she is restricted socially and emotionally.

Tiny Jodie Foster turns in a mighty performance. Her character is by turns grave, coquettish, withdrawn and affectionate - and at all times bestowed with intelligence and dignity.

This is a woman who yearns to be loved, but whose painful experiences have taught her to be wary.

Bill Pullman is good as Orin, the capable, trustworthy local man who was courting the 'widow' Laurel and had expectations of marriage until Jack showed up.

His feud with Jack is thoughtfully handled. Orin helps cure the tobacco bug problem when a lesser man would have enjoyed Jack's discomfiture.

Ultimately, the story just does not ring true. Would a whole village take a stranger for the man who grew up in its midst? And Jack's final choice which cannot be revealed here negates everything for which he has striven.

It defies logic. A fantastic movie! I didn't expect much out of this movie when I first rented it but I was very surprised.

An all star cast who all are outstanding. The ending has to go down in history as one of the most dramatic and most moving ever. I found the premise of this movie completely unbelievable.

Waiting for a plot twist that would make it work was distracting. This was a case of good acting with a bad story. If you don't care if it makes sense, you may enjoy the picture.

Part of why this movie resonated so much with me was that I saw it right before I got married, and I thought, now THAT'S the kind of commitment a marriage needs.

This is a rather sweet tale of love and sacrifice. Admittedly, it's a bit far fetched at times, but if you buy into it, it is a rewarding movie.

Laurel is a resourceful woman, and she manages the farm on her own. Consequently, neither of them is particularly happy when Jack turns up at the plantation after the war, Laurel because Jack didn't treat her very well, and Orin because he wants Laurel.

Still, Laurel feels she must honor her marriage vows, and breaks things off with Orin, who, being a rather poor sport, remains a continual thorn in Jack's side.

However, Laurel starts noticing that Jack is much different than when he left for the war. He is kinder, more loving, treats her and their son much better.

She actually starts to fall in love with him. The farm prospers and Laurel gives birth to a baby girl that they name Rachel. And then one day, Jack is accused of murdering someone during the war.

Suddenly the question of his identity becomes all important, because Jack Sommersby is guilty of murder, of that there is no question.

But if this man is someone else pretending to be Jack Sommersby, then he is innocent. Of course, if he isn't Jack Sommersby, then Laurel's reputation is shot, as is Rachel's.

Who is this man that has been living with Laurel? Who will he choose to be? It's a rather intriguing premise, as by the end of the movie, Jack is in a no win situation, and his choice may not be what the viewer would expect.

Still, the story is presented in such a way that you understand both Jack's choice in spite of what he must sacrifice and Laurel's willingness to stand by him in spite of what she must sacrifice.

This makes for a most satisfying ending. The acting was excellent. Gere gives a moving portrait of a man who discovers love, and discovers that love requires a nobility that he hadn't realized he was capable of.

Foster's performance shows Laurel's quiet determination to get through whatever she has to and survive as best she can.

Pullman's Orin comes off as increasingly whiny and spoiled, which works well for the character he creates. James Earl Jones' judge is an excellent rendering.

Of the smaller roles, the most notable is William Windom as the Reverend Powell, showing us that once again, no matter how small the part, he will give it his all.

Admittedly this is a tear jerker. Added to Watchlist. Filmed in Panavision anamorphic Civil War Movies I Like.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Richard Gere Jack Jodie Foster Laurel Lanny Flaherty Buck Wendell Wellman Travis Bill Pullman Orin Brett Kelley Little Rob William Windom Reverend Powell Clarice Taylor Esther Frankie Faison Joseph R.

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Taglines: She knew his face. His touch. His voice. She knew everything about him But the truth.

Edit Did You Know? British director Jon Amiel was called in to direct and Gere brought in an additional, uncredited writer, Charlie Mitchell, to rework some of the scenes and provide accuracy in regional dialogue.

Quotes Laurel Sommersby : You are not my husband! User Reviews An intelligent, beautiful and moving epic 28 December by Geofbob — See all my reviews.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Dolby SR.

Color: Color.

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Pelicula completa en español John bietet obendrein den Dorfbewohnern einen Teil des brach gefallenen Landes der Familie Sommersby zum späteren Kauf an. Jahrhundert marvels agents shield staffel deutsch die This web page der Reconstruction nach dem amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg. Jetzt auf Amazon Prime anschauen. Clarice Taylor. Jodie Foster.

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Im Gerichtsverfahren kommt es zum familiären Streit über die Identität des Angeklagten. Der Rest ist Ehrfurcht. Jodie Foster. Produktionsländer FrankreichUSA. Das wird in unterschriebenen Verträgen continue reading. Peter Boyle. Der Dieb von Monte Carlo. Produktions-Format. Kritik schreiben. Mehr auf programm. Der Eissturm. Zwei Jahre nach Ende des Bürgerkriegs kehrt Plantagenbesitzer Jack Sommersby (Richard Gere) heim. Seine Frau Laurel (Jodie Foster). Sommersby: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie. Auch seine Frau Laurel und ihr Sohn zögern, bevor sie Jack Sommersby wieder in die Familie aufnehmen. Details; Besetzung; Wiederholungen. Die Vereinigten Staaten kurz nach dem Bürgerkrieg: Die junge Laurel Sommersby (Jodie Foster) betreibt ihre Farm ohne ihren Mann Jack. Das neue Glück des Jack Sommersby, seiner Familie und Nachbarn gründet Das Gerichtskammerspiel wird umfunktioniert zum Aufbau-Film. summersby film

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