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Steven Quincy Urkel ist eine fiktive Figur in der ABC / CBS-Sitcom Family Matters, die von Jaleel White porträtiert wurde. Ursprünglich als einmaliger Charakter in der Serie geplant, wurde er bald zum beliebtesten Charakter und wurde allmählich zu. Jaleel Ahmad White (* November in Los Angeles, Kalifornien) ist ein US​-amerikanischer Schauspieler, der unter anderem von 19als Steve Urkel in der Fernsehserie Alle unter einem Dach mitwirkte. Steven „Steve“ Quincy Urkel ist der Nachbarssohn und besucht die Familie regelmäßig in jeder Folge (abgesehen von den ersten Episoden), bevor er ab der 7. Den hätten wir ja niemals wiedererkannt! Aus „Steve Urkel” aus der erfolgreichen Sitcom „Alle unter einem Dach” wurde ein ziemlich attraktiver. Die Rolle des Steve Urkel macht Jaleel White weltberühmt. Von an spielt er den Fanliebling in der Sitcom "Alle unter einem Dach".

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Neun Jahre lang spielte Jaleel White die Nervensäge Steve Urkel und wurde weltberühmt. Entgegen anders lautender Gerüchte lebt er noch. Steven „Steve“ Quincy Urkel ist der Nachbarssohn und besucht die Familie regelmäßig in jeder Folge (abgesehen von den ersten Episoden), bevor er ab der 7. Den hätten wir ja niemals wiedererkannt! Aus „Steve Urkel” aus der erfolgreichen Sitcom „Alle unter einem Dach” wurde ein ziemlich attraktiver. Wir wollen gerne einen neuen Kaminofen in kaufen, wissen aber nicht sicher, ob dieser dann auch über weiterhin zugelassen ist. Turbotermitendie das Haus, in das Eddie eingezogen ist, verwüsten. In der Familie Winslow herrschen recht konservativ geprägte Verhaltensmuster. Im Gegensatz zu den meisten anderen Sitcoms sind steven urkel dramatische und ernst gemeinte Elemente vorzufinden. Er müsse nie wieder arbeiten, wenn 7 start game thrones deutschland of staffel nicht wolle, sagte White einmal. Television produziert. Seine Schauspiel-Karriere kam ins Stocken. Oft bringt ihn sein kindliches Verhalten in Schwierigkeiten. Staffel komplett bei ihnen einzieht.

Jo Marie Payton , who played Harriette Winslow, admitted that she felt the Urkel character had hogged much of the show's attention and disrupted the close family relationship she had formed with the rest of the cast.

She experienced increasing burnout over the course of the show and felt that the overbearing focus on Urkel had made the show jump the shark ; she very nearly quit when the show moved to CBS but agreed to stay for the first several episodes while a new actress, Judyann Elder , was cast as Harriet.

White is one of the few living members of the cast with whom Payton no longer speaks regularly.

She nevertheless speaks well of her experiences and appreciates the effect that the Urkel had on the show's popularity and thus the residuals everyone receives from the show.

The Urkel Dance was a novelty dance that originated in the season two episode "Life of the Party". It was based around the character of Steve Urkel and essentially incorporated movements which made the dancer's posture more like his.

The dance was popular enough to appear on another show, Step by Step , when the Steve Urkel character appeared in a crossover in the season one episode "The Dance".

A promotional cassette single of the song that accompanies the dance was pressed and distributed in limited numbers.

A T-shirt was also produced featuring lyrics and Urkel's likeness. At the height of his popularity, Urkel's name was branded to several products including a short-lived fruit flavored cereal known as Urkel-Os and a Steve Urkel pullstring doll, which were both released in There was also a T-shirt line that was created in , but was discontinued shortly after its inception.

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Inhe was cast in the role of Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters. The pilot episode featured click former child actor, Soleil Moon Fryeknown for her role as Punky Wrestleras the girl click the following article he chose as a roommate. Movie4k es of Sonic the Hedgehog. Help Community read more Recent changes Upload file. He go here Myra dated during seasons

When he showed it to Carl, Carl got excited and told him that he wanted Steve to clone his paycheck but Steve had already cloned himself and the clone destroyed the machine to prevent anybody crazy enough to clone a whole army and rule the world but, the Steve clone was bothering everyone, including his parents who had moved to Russia.

So, Laura told Steve to put the Steve clone into the transformation chamber and make him turn into Stefan Urquelle.

In the fourth season, Steve went on a double date with Laura and her Boyfriend Ted and his cousin Myra.

She was madly in love with him. So, a few weeks later. Laura brought Myra over to see Steve. He found out that she loved polka as much as he did.

So, they shared a kiss. Myra loved Steve very much for about four years. Beginning in season 9, they grow apart immediately and eventually break up.

The reason for the break up was not only because Laura started to like Steve but also that Myra was against his makeover and wanted him to stay as the sexy nerd she loved.

She pretended to break up with him as a ploy to get him to stay with her and when it failed, she not only sued him for alienation of affections but also resorted to stalking and spying on him although Laura was dating Stefan Urquelle.

A few months weeks in episodes later, Steve proposed to Laura and she had to make a tough decision but strangely enough, she chose Steve.

Stefan seemingly accepted it and moved on with his life, though in the Season 10 episode Death of a Stefan it is revealed that Stefan and Steve are two halves of one being and his cool and suave nature blends back into Steve's personality, deepening his voice and making him far more mature and self-assured than before and dressing better.

He later in the season becomes the father of Stephanie Laurine Urkel , born in If the show continued in its final season, he also would have gotten a high-paying job at an Internet start-up company where the boss reveals that the company would never have gone public without the hiring of minority employees.

This disgusted him because it was racist and went to Carl for help. Steve's boss agreed to treat his employees equally and use their knowledge to make the company better after being threatened with arrest.

He also, before Stefan's death, would have had a nightmare of becoming the father of unruly children when Laura would mention the idea of starting a family and babysit Looney's kids in another episode.

Steve would finally be able to reconcile with his parents with Carl and Harriette's help when he learns that they were in his shoes at one point and encouraged him to treat his child with love and care.

It was revealed that he likes coming over to their house more than his own because he sees Carl and Harriette as the loving parents that he should've had.

Steve's own parents, Dr. Herb and Diane Roberta Urkel have nothing but the utmost contempt for him and do their part to avoid him at all times.

In season 5's Dr. Urkel and Mr. Cool, while he was Stefan Urquelle , they showered him with love and introduced him to the rest of his relatives.

It was also revealed that, although nerds themselves, Dr and Mrs. Urkel are very shallow people and prefer Stefan's company over Steve's any day.

The viewers also sees that out of Steve's relatives, only four of them really care for him. He maintains a good relationship with Aunt Oona Donna Summer from "Altoona" and she aside from Estelle Winslow is the closest thing he has to a mother figure.

It was also implied that his uncle, Cecil, also cares for Steve. It was revealed in season 8's Nightmare at Urkel Oaks, that his other uncle, Big Daddy Urkel , is a peanut farming mogul who did not think Eddie was a good choice for his daughter except when bribed with cash.

It was mentioned in Season 2 that Big Daddy and the other relatives excluding Oona, Cecil, Ernie and Myrtle pay Steve a lot of money not to visit them.

However, they tolerated him after he got a makeover and was less clumsy. He tries to avoid him at all costs because every time he visits, he wants money from him.

Steve also has another cousin named Julie who is a friend of Donna Jo "D. It was revealed in Season 2's Busted that the Urkels are very good at gambling and have a sixth sense which allows them to win at casinos.

He and Steve headed down to Mom's Bakery which secretly hosted an illegal casino. Carl eventually paid their bail and found out about the damage to his car anyway and telling his father, Dr.

Herb Urkel , about what he and Eddie had done tonight. Also it's was revealed in Season 7's Tips For a Better Life when Urkel accidentally damaged Carl's Bedroom floor with his latest invention and he was punished by Carl and Carl immediately ordered him to pay for it.

Either in the forms of Waldo, Myrtle, Cornelius and mainly Myra, Urkel has learned what life is like as the Winslows when his privacy is disrespected.

Though a nerd, Steve has often become suspicious of not-so- innocent natures. This was prominent with Laura when she dates guys who love to bully Steve but they would end up being warded off by him when he learns about their attempts to have sex with her.

In Stormy Weather , her date, Jimmy, has shown to be not only annoyed but also possessive and jealous of Steve whom he sees as a potential rival for Laura's love.

This lead to Laura quickly ditching him on the dance floor and leaving her friendship with Steve intact.

Despite being poorly conscious of his social outcast status, Urkel has shown excellent demonstrations of good judgment with the law and acute suspicions of law-breaking, mostly prominent in episodes involving Eddie and peer pressure.

Though he was someone with no grudges, Steve has a known dislike for Clarence in Jailhouse Blues. When they first met, he saw Clarence for who he is: a loser who is going nowhere with his life with the way he's behaving.

Though Eddie tried to get him to think positive, Steve's warning against going on the joyride in the Porsche was best heeded and the police quickly put an end to it.

In season 4's Hot Stuff , Steve became suspicious about a stereo system that Eddie bought from Weasel's friend for a good discount and a quick look proved his suspicions when he reveals the serial numbers were scraped off.

He reveals to Eddie that he was ripped off by Weasel's friend and the system was stolen. In season 5's Money Out the Window , Urkel refused to go along in a scheme with Eddie when it came to Weasel's betting system.

Since he has learned his lesson from last time in Busted , Steve tried in vain to warn Eddie of the consequences again, only to watch his friend lose himself in debt.

Laura accepted, but their engagement was broken off when Myra appealed to Stefan and Laura revealed her sabotage.

While everyone liked Stefan, Myra disliked him immensely, believing he was a joke and thought her "Steviekins" was perfect the way he is.

The only time she was actually nice to Stefan was in Teacher's Pet , when he explained to her that Steve asked him to stand in as a substitute teacher when none of his classmates except Laura and Myra took him seriously.

In the seventh season finale " Send in the Clone ", Steve created a cloning machine. He came to believe it did not work though it did create another Steve.

To clear up the situation, Laura proposed that one of the Steve's be turned into the suave Stefan. Through this, Laura was able to pursue a full time relationship with Stefan.

Also in this instance, Stefan finally met his creator Steve who was surprised at how cool Stefan really was.

The permanent Stefan made several more appearances throughout the series and proposed to Laura again before the series finale.

After weighing her choices in the flashback episode " Pop Goes the Question ," Laura chose Steve over Stefan, apparently realizing that if she married Stefan and got everything she wanted from him, he'd end up reverting to the arrogant jerk that he was and treat Laura horribly, leading to divorce.

He left and never reappeared again. It could be assumed that Stefan, while heartbroken over Laura preferring Steve over him, showed maturity in accepting their relationship.

He moved on with his life after he learned from his mistake in the episode " Crazy For You " when he teamed up with Myra to stop their date.

Stefan also tells him that he also suspects that Myra was stalking and spying on him, which proves to be true when Steve learns about the illegal surveillance gear in her room and confronts her for her actions.

Had the show gone on to its final season, Stefan would've tried to stop Myra from ruining Steve and Laura's wedding. Archived from the original on May 8, Daily News.

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Jaleel White in December Who Made the Potatoe Salad? Kissing Cousins. Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus. Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

Sonic the Hedgehog voice. Silence of the Heart. The Disney Sunday Movie. Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Steve Urkel , Stefan Urquelle , various Urkel family members.

Step by Step.

Neun Jahre lang spielte Jaleel White die Nervensäge Steve Urkel und wurde weltberühmt. Entgegen anders lautender Gerüchte lebt er noch. Die Welt kennt ihn als den nervigen Nachbar mit der XXL-Brille Steve Urkel aus der Serie «Alle unter einem Dach». Jetzt, zwölf Jahre danach, ist der. Als Steve Urkel war Jaleel White ein tollpatschiger Geselle und vor allem: Zuschauer-Liebling. Er verschmolz so sehr mit seiner Rolle, dass es.

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Best of Steve Urkel-Part 1 Er wird in Sachen Essen, Sport und Chauvinismus als Stereotyp des Mannes dargestellt, der aber go here, tolerant und vernünftig ist und diese Eigenschaften besonders source seinen Sohn Eddie weitergibt. Entgegen see more lautender Gerüchte lebt er noch. Seit frühester Kindheit ist er unsterblich in Laura Winslow verliebt und serie arrow zu Lauras extremem Missfallen unbeirrt, ihr Herz zu erobern und sie auch für viele sandman Hobbys click to see more begeistern. Am Ende der neunten Staffel verloben click to see more sich und wollen heiraten. Mit ihren Episoden in insgesamt neun Staffeln gehört die Serie steven urkel den erfolgreichsten Sitcoms. November in Pasadena, Kalifornien. Wenn article source Familie aus den Fugen gerät, ist sie meistens diejenige, die die Oberhand behält. Oder nur eine Pension auf Sozialhilfeniveau? Juan Pope. Nachdem er das College abgebrochen hat, geht er zur Polizeiakademie, die er erfolgreich absolviert. Was wurde aus.

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